Bitcoin, the largest token, has seen significant fluctuations in its past. It’s no different this time. The asset’s price has gradually risen since the end of September 2021, when BTC fell below $ 41,000. At press time, it’s just under the $ 48,000 mark.

That said, it has long been struggling to break the $ 50,000 mark. Does this indicate a long-term consolidation phase with the possibility of a further correction?

Well, according to this crypto expert, the BTC bull run has “at least 6 months”. PlanB, the creator of the stock-to-flow family of models, took to Twitter to share their views. PlanB said Bitcoin is about to kick off the second leg of its bull cycle.

“On-chain analysis completed this evening: IMO we are halfway there, no signs of weakness (red) yet. Note that the color overlay is not months to halve, but a signal in the chain. My guess: This second stage of the bull market will take at least another 6 months. “

The following graphic underscores the above argument.

Source: Twitter

However, what exactly will trigger the second stage for BTC? Previously, the analyst in question had added a number of fundamental catalysts that could drive the price of Bitcoin higher in the coming months.

What will trigger the next stage of the #bitcoin bull market?
– ETF approval (SEC)
– Nation adoption (next El Salvador)
– LN / Strike Surprise (Jack Mallers)
– Introduction of Apple / Amazon / Google / MS
– RSK killer use case (blockstream)
– Continue Michael Saylor / Paul Tudor Jones
– China turnaround

– PlanB (@ $ 100 trillion) September 29, 2021

Meanwhile, with the inclusion of the S2F model, PlanB forecast huge rallies on the way to new all-time highs for the token. Ergo, who supported his bull run stance which read “Aug> $ 47,000, Sep> $ 43,000, Next Targets: Oct> $ 63,000, Nov> $ 98,000, Dec> $ 135,000”.

Why is this narrative important now?

Not so long ago he presented a “worst case” scenario for BTC for the months of August and September. Accordingly, Bitcoin would close at $ 47,000 and $ 43,000, respectively. This turned out to be almost accurate. In addition, the renowned Dutch dealer Michaël van de Poppe repeated a similar narrative. His technical analysis indicated a brief consolidation followed by another bullish breakout.

Yeah, pretty much #Bitcoin.

– Michaël van de Poppe (@CryptoMichNL) October 4, 2021

However, Bitcoin still has to catch up with the daily estimates of stock-to-flow, as the spot price has deviated by record shares in recent months. For example, BTC / USD should trade at just over $ 100,000 on Monday, according to the S2F Multiple. Obviously this was not the case. In addition, various people also spoke out against the “flawed” S2F model. Coinsider, a crypto analytics platform, has released a video to counter PlanB’s model of the concept of cointegration, which states:

“Sorry folks, but PlanB’s stock-to-flow or S2F model is absolutely wrong and has already been disproved from a fundamental level. Do you remember the cointegration? The key statistical property that held his first theory together? Well, it was proven by statisticians in 2020 that it doesn’t last. “

Add that

“Instead of admitting he was wrong, PlanB, the model’s creator, pulled us to switch and released a new model called the S2FX or its cross-asset model. However, his S2FX model is a joke and nobody takes it seriously from the start. “


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