2021 was a year of crashes for Bitcoin, leaving even experts unsure of what the king coin could do next.

As 2022 approached inches, investment expert Anthony Pompliano spoke to Plan B, creator of the Bitcoin stock-to-flow model. They discussed Bitcoin prices, whether the market would turn bearish, and Plan B’s Personnel strategies for analyzing Bitcoin.

Price forecast

After Bitcoin’s recent crash due to China FUD, it was only natural for Pompliano to check with Plan B about its Bitcoin price prediction.

Plan B said

“… so my guess is that by the end of the year we’ll be over $ 100,000, over $ 135,000, and then we’ll keep growing, perhaps towards the goals of the Stock-to-Flow Model 288 [thousand dollars] or even above. I wouldn’t even be surprised to see prices of three hundred, four hundred, five hundred thousand dollars in the first or second quarter of next year … “

I have a feel for what this diagram will look like EOY pic.twitter.com/gc6N4e3dg4

– PlanB (@ 100 trillion USD) October 11, 2021

He suggested that some of these later price spikes were due to “FOMO” transactions.

In addition, Plan B admitted that he was a “full cop” but that he was “pretty sure” about switching from bull to bear in the future. However, he claimed that he would not be ready to officially announce this change in case it triggered a bear market.

Finally he came to the conclusion

“I think there will be a crash and it could be as big as the crashes we’ve seen in the past. We had three 80% crashes and I see no reason why we couldn’t have another … “

Other indicators

When Pompliano asked Plan B how news affected the S2F model, the pseudonymous expert admitted he was keeping an eye on key news developments. This was because he believed that regulatory decisions also affected the price of Bitcoin.

However, Plan B made it clear that news events were not part of the S2F model. He also made it clear that he doesn’t read CNN, Bloomberg, or the Wall Street Journal when it comes to Bitcoin coverage.

Plan B explains

“I really think we have at least one more cycle in the stock-to-flow forecast. So yeah, that would put Bitcoin in the $ 1 million to $ 5 million range and I really think we’ll get there. “

Even so, the analyst warned viewers that the S2F model would lose its accuracy after the next halving.

A four year cycle or not?

Plan B confirmed that he believed in Bitcoin’s four-year cycle: exponential highs, correction, accumulation and continuation. However, not all experts are on the same page. Bitcoin on-chain analyst Willy Woo, for his part, admitted in the What Bitcoin Did podcast that he thought Bitcoin was “more mature”.

In addition, Woo had also stated

“In my opinion, the cycle is not a cycle.”

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