The US Senator and former presidential candidate Ted Cruz advocates BTC mining with “abundant” gas flare energy in Texas.

Cruz a bitcoin proponent

In a speech at the Texas Blockchain Summit on October 8, Republican Senator Ted Cruz said that bitcoin mining can thrive in the state of Texas thanks to the state’s energy wealth.

For the uninitiated, Texas is the leading wind power producer in the United States and boasts an abundance of affordable solar energy. Over the years, Texas has cemented itself as a Mecca for BTC mining in the United States

The state’s reputation as a BTC mining hub saw a further surge after China cracked down on crypto mining operations in the country earlier this year.

Cruz posited that BTC mining could be used to monetize the production of energy from oil and gas exploration rather than just burning it. The Senator argued that there was “a tremendous opportunity for Bitcoin to trap this gas instead of wasting it.”

Nic Cater, founder of Coin Metrics, shared the transcript of Cruz’s conversation on Twitter, adding that the Senator “has the most enlightened perspective on the issue” he has ever seen from a policymaker.

Transcribed Senator Ted Cruz’s comments on Bitcoin and Energy from this week’s Texas Blockchain Summit. My jaw dropped while listening – he has the most enlightened perspective on the subject I’ve ever come across from a policy maker

– nic carter (@nic__carter) October 10, 2021

Cruz spoke of the waste of natural gas:

“It is wasted because there is no transmission equipment to get the natural gas to where it could be used the way natural gas would normally be used.”

Add to:

“Use this power to mine Bitcoin. The nice thing about it is that if you do it, you are helping the environment tremendously, because instead of flaring the natural gas, you are using it productively. “

Cruz stressed that BTC mining capacities should be reflexively mobilized in response to fluctuating energy supplies. He pointed out that in the event of a sudden power failure or power shortage, any energy could be fed back into the grid immediately.

Bitcoin mining turns green

Concerns about Bitcoin’s carbon footprint from mining operations have risen significantly in recent months as the leading digital asset continues to experience wider adoption by both private and institutional players.

To make Bitcoin mining operations environmentally friendly, a number of innovative and robust initiatives are being taken around the world.

As previously reported by BTCManager, El Salvador was the first country in the world to legally mine Bitcoin using thermal energy.

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