A 1991 non-fungible barrel of Macallan’s Scotch broke records in whiskey auctions on Friday, grabbing $ 2.3 million on NFT’s Metacask marketplace.

The sale surpasses the previous record price of $ 574,000 for a similar barrel at Bonhams auction house last August. This edition has been bundled with digital art by Trevor Jones.

A pseudonymous buyer selling in the old barrel outbid two other bidders involved in digital whiskey investments, a PR representative told CoinDesk. The company declined to identify the buyer.

The NFT serves as a digital proof of ownership for the barrel of the whiskey. It was minted on the Ethereum blockchain.

Co-founder Nim Siriwardana said Metacaskminted and auctioned the barrel of NFT to showcase the appeal of digitally transferable rights.

“Buyers don’t have to go to a physical auction house to purchase rare and valuable real assets like whiskey,” Siriwardana said in a statement.

NFT sales have become more mainstream and popular during the pandemic. According to data from DappRadar, the sales volume rose to $ 10.7 billion in the third quarter of 2021, more than eight times more than in the second quarter.

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