The NFT project Creature Toadz suffered around $ 340,000 theft when a hacker posing as a moderator convinced community members to send 88 ETH to an address he checked yesterday. However, in a surprising turn of events, he returned all of the stolen assets to the project.

Hacker defrauded members of the Creature Toadz community for $ 340,000

The hacker, whose username became known as HEERR on Twitter, was able to hack into the project’s Discord server using a webhooks vulnerability on the social media site in order to hijack the channel.

They then posed as the moderator of the project before asking unsuspecting community members to “secretly mine” Creature Toadz via a web link.

Before the members could determine it was fraud, they collectively sent 88ETH, which was the equivalent of approximately $ 368,000, to the hacker’s address. Creature Toadz’s NFT team announced that their channel had been compromised for almost 45 minutes.

While the hacker later returned all the stolen funds to the team behind the project, his intentions are being questioned as some have placed him in the same class as the hacker who hacked Poly Network but later returned the money.

On the flip side, some community members of the project believe that he only returned the stolen funds because his identity was revealed by an analyst who was also a community member of the project.

How his identity was revealed

An anonymous NFT analyst, OKHotShotthat followed the hacker’s Ethereum transaction history could infer that the hacker was HERE who claimed to be “a 17 year old high school student” and that the hack was just “a joke”.

. @ CreatureToadz after I had found out that the fraudster was (is) in our rooms, I called him directly “Do the right thing, give the ETH back”. Now it turns out that the scammer listened and returned the 88 ETH to the team:

– OKHotshot.eth (@NFTherder) October 20, 2021

The above was made during a Discussion on Twitter by Andrew Wang and the Creature Toadz community, where the hacker publicly took responsibility for the hack. During this discussion, OKHotShot begged the hacker to return the stolen money to the team.

After the session, the hacker returned the money to the Creature Toadz team, which decided not to bring charges against the attacker.

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