Wormhole, the interoperability protocol that enables the transfer of any type of data between different networks, announced the inclusion of. at Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Support for his already existing ETH <> SOL token and the NFT bridge.

Now, with a Total Value Locked (TVL) of more than $ 200 million in the protocol of its Solana and Ethereum token and NFT bridges, Wormhole V2 extends the reach of the network to one of the most dynamic DeFi and NFT ecosystems in crypto.

The demand for cross-chain bridges for digital asset swaps and liquidity is at an all-time high, with adoption increasing as DeFi and NFT markets continue to generate revenue in this space, and televisions in the top 5 blockchains hit over $ 185 billion.

To meet these requirements, Wormhole previously introduced ETH <> SOL support for token and NFT bridging, with over 100 NFTs incorporated into the protocol.

Burgeoning BSC network sees a path to Ethereum and Solana

BSC, one of the most robust DeFi ecosystems for retail users, processed ten times as many transactions as ether Last month.

With BSC now supported through wormhole, projects and users in the Solana and Ethereum ecosystems now have the ability to seamlessly move packaged tokens between all three supported chains, with more networks expected in the coming weeks.

“The interoperability through the wormhole network benefits users and projects in every ecosystem by providing access to the most valuable aspects of all other supporting ecosystems,” said Hendrik Hofstadt, Director Special Projects at Jump Crypto and former co-founder of Certus One, the lead Contribution to Wormhole.

“The inclusion of BSC provides access to its large base of users and applications in its DeFi and NFT ecosystems, which will add an exciting element to the wormhole network,” he added.

Wormhole is possibly the only interoperability protocol that supports multidirectional NFT bridging via the ETH <> BSC <> SOL NFT Bridge, connecting creators and artists via its multidirectional highway to move NFTs across ecosystems across chains.

This bridge will enable the 470,000 blockchain gamers on the BSC network to create new markets for in-game assets on the native Ethereum blockchain or bring them to Solana NFT marketplaces.

Wormhole’s generic architecture makes it easy to pass any message down the chain, enabling cross-chain governance, liquid staking tokens, and access to Oracle data.

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