Nervos, a collection of crypto protocols and a public blockchain ecosystem, announced today that it will integrate both its testnet and mainnet with Covalent, a provider of indexing solutions for blockchains.

With the integration, Nervos expands the availability of data in the network and simplifies the experience for developers who build on Polyjuice, an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible layer that runs on Nervos CKB and requires access to reliable, high-quality data.

Hundreds of millions of transactions take place every day across the blockchain ecosystem, providing a wealth of deep, granular, and historical data that can be used not only to help developers and teams improve their projects and applications, but also interconnectivity improve in space.

However, the data behind these transactions is not always easily accessible and in some cases almost impossible to extract.

To address this problem, Covalent offers a unified API to create complete transparency for assets across all blockchain networks. Its data set supports more than 25 billion transactions, more than 30,000 price feeds, and more than 200,000 smart contracts for query.

The blockchain data available includes:

  • Token credit per address
  • Historical transactions per address
  • Historical prices by address and ticker symbol
  • Decrypted log events

With the Covalent API, developers can call up Nervos mainnet data and easily access the network via the uniform API by changing the chainId parameter.

“Both Nervos Network and Covalent share the vision of a global economy that is public and decentralized. At Covalent, we achieve this goal by building an accessible Web3 data layer and indexing Nervos, which makes significant changes in the creation of universal blockchain solutions. “
– Ganesh Swami, Co-Founder and CEO of Covalent

In addition, Covalent will soon start a campaign for developers who build with Nervos.

“Our integration with Covalent greatly improves the developer experience on Nervos, which is one of our top priorities as we expand our ecosystem and open up access to our multi-chain solutions. We look forward to seeing how our community members use this new tool and resource. “
– Kevin Wang, co-founder of Nervos

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