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  • Bulls have been checking the price charts for the past few weeks.
  • Oscillators show neutrality.
  • In the previous weeks there had been a crossover between the SMA 20 and SMA 50.

The bulls have been checking the price charts for the past few weeks and a rise in value was announced today. The price is back at $ 186.26 as the bulls made a successful comeback in the past 24 hours.

Although the price had fallen significantly earlier, the bulls rebounded and pushed costs back above $ 186. The price could go up even further in the hours that followed, which is fantastic for buyers.

Litecoin price prediction for the 24-hour chart: bulls battling bearish momentum

One day Litecoin price analysis predicts a price increase as bullish momentum has revived. Despite the fact that the price has been falling recently, today’s trend was once again favorable for the bulls.

Overall, the price has risen in the last few weeks and is now at USD 186.3, surpassing the MA value of USD 180.9 for the first time.

In the previous weeks there had been a crossover between SMA 20 and SMA 50, which further confirmed the upward trend. The Bollinger Bands Indicator shows the following values: $ 197.65 for the upper limit and $ 147.02 for the lower limit. For today, the RSI is 58.92.

Litecoin Price Analysis: Price Back To $ 187

After the previous fall, the four-hour Litecoin price analysis shows signs of an upward move. The price level has returned to USD 186.3 after the favorable momentum flared up again. A downtrend has been in place for the past few hours but the bulls have been able to return. Due to the previous drop, the price is

LTC / USD 4-hour price chart. Source: TradingView

The average price of the Bollinger Bands is currently $ 185.31. The upper Bollinger Band, which is at $ 192.5, is higher than the lower which is at $ 178.13. The RSI is 54.77, which indicates a relatively neutral position. Nonetheless, the bulls were able to keep prices stable on the LTC / USD 4-hour price chart.

Additionally, Litecoin is currently ranked the sixth largest coin by market capitalization via CoinGecko’s live data.

The one-day LTC price analysis predicts a further increase in value for Litecoin.

From a broad perspective, the value of the coin has risen significantly over the past two weeks. Because of this, the LTC / USD chart rises on the technical side with 14 indicators for buyers, eight for neutral and four for sellers.

The moving average indicator supports the bulls with a high bullish signal. Twelve indicators currently hold the buy position, two of them at the sell level and one in the neutral area. The oscillators show neutrality; seven oscillators are at neutral levels, while two indicators are each at sell and buy levels.

Conclusion of the Litecoin price analysis

The most recent one-day and four-hour Litecoin price analysis provides evidence of appreciation as the upward momentum reignited. The price stabilized at $ 186.3 after falling significantly earlier. Buyers’ prospects improve as the hourly forecast also favors traders and gives them an upper hand.

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