Grayscale – a leader in asset management of public and private funds in digital currencies, has received FINRA approval for Bitcoin Cash Trust and Litecoin Trust for public listings on the OTC Market Group. The two are listed under the symbol $ BCHG and $ LTCN. The diversified exposure will result in greater reach amid 10,000 US and global stocks as a breakthrough in the digital asset category.

Our team continues to offer investors new ways to get involved in digital currencies: Grayscale #BitcoinCash Trust & Grayscale #Litecoin Trust have received FINRA approval for public listings on @OTCMarkets under the symbols: $ BCHG * & $ LTCN * https: / / t .co / w00a39C280

– Grayscale (@GrayscaleInvest) July 20, 2020

In this regard, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash have made a notable entry on Grayscale to expand the reach of the network and the acceptance of these digital tokens, something that has not otherwise happened to other cryptos in the global crypto market. The LTC price may not be tempting enough, but the recent listing will inevitably lead institutional investors to inevitably join the network and splurge in the digital asset space.

This simplification of trading through listing on the OTC market will lead to the mass adoption of tokens by potential inverts that otherwise could not trade via cryptocurrency exchanges.

However, LTC is not a rigged token and is a long-term investment. With a gradual rush in the altcoin market yesterday, Litecoin, along with IOTA, TRON, Augur, etc.

Litecoin price analysis

TradingView’s LTC / USD chart

LTC traded at $ 43.73 in the press after beating back its 30-day high at $ 45 for the second week of this month. After a gradual retreat from its recent 30-day high at $ 45, Litecoin is still holding MA50 & MA200 support. The laid 20-day Bollinger Bands can be seen on the chart above and had gained steep momentum to rise from trading by USD 41 on the first day of the current week. Additionally, the coin was trading in the $ 44 price range at the start of the day and was trading back at $ 43 at press time.

It’s important to note that Litecoin didn’t gain momentum in the first two weeks when altcoins like VeChain, Verge, and DigiByte made the market change. However, in terms of a long term investment option among the other cryptos in the market, we are unlikely to see any major price manipulation.

Given the bullish intraday sentiment, the technical data is also reflecting positive crossovers and in this regard the MACD indicator shows a bullish divergence when it crosses the signal line. The RSI is trending into the overbought territory at 63.37. But the Litecoin price declines at $ 45.5 and according to ours Litecoin forecast, it is waiting for a possible breakout to hit a new high soon.

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