One company that was in the process of completing a Reg A token sale is Exodus.

Exodus – which offers desktop, mobile, and hardware crypto wallets – said it plans to take that approach to ensure its users have the same access to equity as venture capital firms and crypto whales.

The company’s stock was listed at a price of $ 27.42 per share and was available directly through the Exodus wallet in exchange for Bitcoin, Ether or the USDC stablecoin. It was also only available in the United States, with the exception of three states.

In a recent Ask-Me-Anything session on Cointelegraph’s YouTube page, Exodus CEO JP Richardson described the sale of Reg A tokens as a “proof of concept to show the world that it is possible” – and suggested that other companies could be invited to perform on their own token sales within their platform in the future.

“We see this as an inevitable future as all traditional assets, be it stocks, bonds, mortgages, currencies … are now finding their way onto the blockchain,” added Richardson.

Approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission, Exodus raised $ 59 million in just five days.

On May 5, it was confirmed that the token sale was sold out – with Exodus claiming it was the first company to have a public offering for crypto only, digitally represented on the blockchain and 100% on a self-custodial platform.

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