The sector’s total market cap has again topped $ 2 trillion. In addition, many believe that further profits could be in sight for crypto enthusiasts.

It is no coincidence that the meteoric rise of the crypto market goes hand in hand with the fact that more and more fund managers are opening up to the idea of ​​including cryptocurrency products in their investment plans.

Mark Yusko, CEO and Chief Investment Officer of Morgan Creek Capital, made similar statements in a recent interview. He mean,

The smartest people get into crypto while the money keeps flowing. Now many institutions are realizing that they are embracing this migration, dealing with digital assets and ‘From zero ‘.

Put simply, it highlights the transition from investing in traditional asset classes to digital ones like cryptos. According to Yusko, it is now very important that institutional actors are exposed to more than zero percent in this area. Especially since more and more money and talent are pouring in.

“You have to accept it (digital assets) and you have to deal with digital assets”

However, this is not a process that was suddenly initiated, but has been in the game for a number of years. Yusko also repeated the same thing, with the manager adding:

“When you look at the migration of talent into this field, it’s like nothing I’ve seen, except one more time in the 1990s when people got on the internet and left great jobs.”

Do statistics support this claim?

Fidelity Digital Assets recently released a survey to shed light on the growing interest in crypto around the world. According to the results, 52% of investors have hedged their exposure to cryptocurrencies this year.

Take the example of Bitcoin, for example. Over the years, it has attracted more and more institutional attention and interest from ordinary retail investors, according to Google Trends.

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Bitcoin’s institutional acceptance has come a long way since its inception. For his part, Yusko has long been optimistic about BTC. In fact, he had previously stated

“There may come a time when ignoring Bitcoin is seen as irresponsible. We really believe that we will look back in five years and it is considered financially imprudent not to have exposure to digital assets. “

However, not everyone agrees with the above argument. Some feel it is risky to expose oneself to these “volatile” assets. For example, a recent report from insurance giant Allianz found that

“Exposure to cryptocurrency could have a profound impact on the risk profiles of financial institutions.”

Meanwhile, companies offering crypto services in the form of trading or custody are “facing the prospect of potential third party liabilities,” added Ed Williams of Allianz Global Corporate and Specialty.

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