The cryptocurrency market has grown from a fringe technology experiment to a global asset class valued at over $ 2.7 trillion. It is time we started treating it as a business – and reporting on it.

Cointelegraph’s Business Beat has been busy covering the biggest developments in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry for the past year. Capital raising, high-profile partnerships, mergers and acquisitions, institutional takeovers and highly specialized investment funds have shaped our business development over the past year.

To make business news easier to digest, Cointelegraph launched the Crypto Biz newsletter, delivered straight to your inbox every Thursday with comments from our business editor Sam Bourgi and a weekly round-up of the top industry news. And the newsletter doesn’t just give you cliff notes on what you’ve missed – we want you to be kept informed of how the news affects you, the reader.

Crypto Biz is about bringing you the business behind blockchain and crypto. To join the mailing list, provide your email address below. We’ll get in touch every Thursday!

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