The digital artist Beeple thus cemented his place in the history books. Christie’s auction house sold its human-sized 3D video sculpture and NFT hybrid at its first live event since the pandemic. The piece exceeded expectations, “Human One” was forecast to sell for $ 15 million and it nearly doubled. Does this hybrid format open a new chapter for NFT art? We wouldn’t know, but Beeple’s piece was sold along with works by Jean-Michel Basquiat, Banksy, and Peter Doig.

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A better question might be, are NFT artists willing to put so much effort into their pieces?

What do we know about “Human One” from Beeple?

The real installation is almost 7 Ft. high and consists of four screens. It has a computer at the base. The environment that the astronaut-like figure passes through is constantly changing. According to Christie’s “it is randomly drawn from a data pool of the artist’s visual creations accessed via the Ethereum blockchain.” Not only that, informs us the “Beeple’s plan is to shift the generative art imagery over time “in response to current events,” Christie’s said. The result will be “an eternally contemporary work of art.


– beeple (@beeple) November 10, 2021

But wait, why would they use the Ethereum blockchain where a regular database would do? We hope the owner doesn’t have to pay gas fees for this. The clips are one minute long and the piece changes 24 hours a day. In any case, Ethereum hosts the NFT, which is linked to “Human One”. A crucial piece of the pie, because Beeple is known for its records.Everyday life – the first 5000 days.“It was NFT Christie’s first auction and cost $ 69 million.

In any case, Mike Winkelmann described AKA Beeple “Human One” as “the first portrait of a person born in the metaverse.“He said Christie’s:”I want to do something that people can keep coming back to and find new meaning in. And the meaning will continue to develop. It’s super exciting for me. It feels like I have this very different canvas now. “

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What do we know about the auction and the new owner?

Corresponding Barrons again, “the auction focused on art created since 1980.“The event was “Live streaming to the world with specialists in London and Hong Kong operating the phones and projecting onto video screens in New York”. ”The following videos capture all of the action. In the first, Beeple himself gives us a backstage tour of Christie’s headquarters. In the second, a fan screen captures the moment when the auctioneer is selling Beeples items.

– Alex Roman (@ 3rd7th) November 10, 2021

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Why do they say $ 25 million in the video, but the official Christies site says $ 28.9 million? This information is above our pay grade. However, we did find out who the happy new owner is. Ryan Zurrer, Managing Director of the crypto-specialized Dialectic family office. Notorious NFT collector who was formerly the director of the Web3 Foundation. In his announcement tweet, Zurrer thanked Beeple.for the visionary innovation, amazing new energy, and hilarious positive vibes that you have brought to both crypto and art.

The ONE secured. Thank you @beeple for the visionary innovation, amazing new energy, and hilarious positive vibes you brought to both crypto and art. gn

– Ryan Zurrer (@kukulabanze) November 10, 2021

In his reply tweet, Beeple said “Insanely honored to be in this collection.

That is the “Human One” story so far.

Featured image: Screenshot of “Human One” | TradingView charts

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