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ASICWay makes crypto mining worthwhile for everybody


Published: October 13, 2021 @ 3:32 p.m. CDT|Updated: 24 minutes ago

SUNNYVALE, CALIFORNIA., Oct 13, 2021 / PRNewswire / – ASICWay (www.ASICWay.com) is steadily becoming a popular choice among crypto mining enthusiasts looking for guaranteed profit in a short amount of time. The recently released ASIC miners from the well-known technology company AW 1, AW 2 and AW PRO have caused a paradigm shift in the approach to crypto mining. Both products can be used for mining Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Monero with a profit potential unknown in the market.

When developing its crypto miners, ASICWay invested heavily in maximizing the hash rate with moderate power consumption. AW Pro is the company’s product that is perfect for beginners. Both products are preconfigured and can be used at home as they don’t make a lot of noise. The devices can be operated with a moderate Internet data speed of only 10 kb / s.

Hash performance and power consumption

AW 1 miner: Bitcoin 380 TH / s, Litecoin 40 GH / s, Ethereum 2.5 GH / s and Monero 3 MH / s, and 650 W power consumption.
AW 2 Miner: Bitcoin 610 TH / s, Litecoin 64 GH / s, Ethereum 4 GH / s and Monero 5 MH / s, and 850 W power consumption.
AW Pro Miner: Bitcoin 1950 TH / s, Litecoin 200 GH / s, Ethereum 13 GH / s and Monero 16 MH / s and 2200 W power consumption.

The monthly electricity costs for AW PRO is even less than $ 300. Unlike any other product on the market, AW Pro allows you to break even and make profits in about a month, depending on the coin mined. ASICWay recently made crypto mining even more profitable for its customers by eliminating customs and shipping fees.

Please visit https://www.asicway.com for more information

About AsicWay: AsicWay is an innovative technology company founded and led by an experienced team of engineers and enlightened minds inspired by the idea of ​​bringing the best technology to the crypto mining market. The company works with a vision to bring unparalleled crypto mining opportunities to all types of investors.
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