Crypto is one of just a handful of recon-centric characters in Apex Legends, and thanks to its versatile and powerful surveillance drone, there simply isn’t a better one when it comes to situational awareness. With Crypto, you have to be in control of the man and the drone. Certainly a difficult task, but ours Apex Legends Crypto Guide helps you with all sorts of practical tips and tidbits on how to use his skills and abilities effectively.

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Apex Legends Crypto Guide: Strengths and Weaknesses

Crypto’s main skill is of course the surveillance drone tactic, which gives his entire team unprecedented access to information about the whereabouts of enemies in the area. The obvious downside is that Crypto is vulnerable while piloting this drone – so we can already see that this character is situational awareness and careful planning.

While Crypto lacks any skills that could help him during a firefight (like Wraith’s Into the Void or Bangalore’s Double Time Passive), he’s not entirely defenseless. His Ultimate, which must be activated by his drone, charges and unleashes a powerful EMP over a large radius that damages and slows enemies. As such, Crypto also has good initiation potential and appears to live for the moments just before the fight begins.

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Overview of crypto capabilities

Now is the time to take a close look at Crypto’s capabilities. As with all legends, Crypto enjoys a passive, tactical, and ultimate ability – but unlike others, all of its abilities flow directly into one another. Let’s look at each skill in turn.

  • Passive: Neurolink – Crypto and his teammates see what his surveillance drone detects up to a distance of 30 m.
  • Tactical: Surveillance Drone – Deploy an aerial camera drone. 40 second cooldown on destruction.
  • Ultimate: Drone EMP – Charge an EMP from your drone. The explosion deals 50 shield damage, slows players, and destroys traps.
  • Additional features: Recon – Scanning Survey Beacons shows the position of the next circle.

Passive ability: Neurolink

Similar to its Ultimate, Cryptos Passive is linked to its primary tactical ability, the Surveillance Drone. Without Neurolink, the drone wouldn’t be nearly as useful and interesting. Put simply, it allows the drone to highlight all of the enemies it sees (whether you control it or not) and allows your entire team to see those highlighted enemies – even through walls.

Tactical ability: surveillance drone

Crypto’s Bread-and-Butter Skill is his tactical surveillance drone that sends a drone into the sky (or on the ground if you wish) to scout the immediate area for enemies. While controlling the drone, Crypto itself remains stationary, and you can switch from drone to Crypto in no time at all or call the drone back to use it elsewhere.

Here are our top tactical tips for crypto surveillance drone:

  • One of the most important things to know about the drone is that while you are piloting it, you can look at one of the great kill leader banners in the world and immediately see if there are any enemies within 200 meters of Crypto. This is a huge benefit for Crypto and his team, which helps prevent surprise attacks.
  • The biggest downside to all of Crypto’s capabilities is that it is vulnerable while controlling its drone. Make sure you are safe before using it, and if your teammates need you, get off the drone and help them on foot.
  • Don’t just rely on your passive to highlight enemies as the highlight range is pretty small. When you see an enemy, ping them for your teammates.
  • Crypto’s drone allows you to access various things remotely. You can open and close doors, open storage bins, pull up the banners of your dead squadmates, and even use respawn beacons or survey beacons.
  • Press and hold your Tactical Button to deploy the drone and exit immediately. This is useful when you just want the drone outside so you can instantly detonate your Ultimate around you.
  • Crypto’s drone is pretty hard to hit but has low health and the cooldown penalty for destroying your drone is quite high. So keep your drone moving when nearby enemies aim at it.
  • When your squad is in a firefight, it’s always better to forget about the drone and focus on helping them as usual. If you spend all of your time in your drone, your team will basically fight a 2v3 or a 1v2.

A screenshot of Crypto activating its ultimate EMP ability through its drone.

Ultimate ability: Drone EMP

Crypto’s ultimate ability, Drone EMP, is the only one of its trinity of powers that can actually be used offensively – and it’s quite powerful. Using this ability takes 3 seconds to detonate, after which the EMP shockwave deals 50 damage to all nearby enemies and slows them down much like an Arc Star explosion.

Here are our top tips for Drone EMP Ultimate for Crypto:

  • The slowing effect applies to all players in the area, including allies. However, only enemies and you will take damage.
  • You don’t have to be in the drone view to activate your ultimate ability. However, the drone has to be used somewhere.
  • Enemy players can and will shoot down your drone during the 3 second recharge unless you use cover to break line of sight.
  • Crypto’s EMP will instantly destroy Gibraltar’s Dome, Wattson’s Fences and Pylons, Caustics Gas Traps, Mirage’s Decoys, Lifelines Drone, Ramparts Amped Cover, Loba’s Black Market, and even enemy Crypto-Drones caught in the blast.
  • As mentioned earlier, lighting your EMP around you can be a good idea when you are in close combat. The slowing effect and damage can ruin an opposing team’s chances of winning.

How to Play Crypto – Top Tips and Tricks

Finally, some general tips and tricks for winning Apex Legends matches as Crypto.

  • It’s all about planning. As I said, Crypto lives for the moments just before every firefight. When he is actually fighting, he is no more special than anyone – in fact, he is at a disadvantage compared to those whose skills help them in battles. Where Crypto excels is spying, determining the whereabouts of nearby enemies, and planning the perfect initiation and attack to take them down with minimal effort.
  • Learn to use the drone as well as the legend. The drone takes some getting used to, but you must be able to control it properly and safely if you are to make good use of Crypto’s capabilities. It doesn’t matter if you get the drone shot (she’ll respawn in 40 seconds anyway); The main thing is to use it to find out as much as possible about the location and status of the enemy.
  • Communicate with your teammates. While the drone will automatically highlight enemies it detects, it’s up to you to ping them to warn the rest of your team. While communication has always been a huge aspect of Apex Legends for any character, this is especially true given Crypto’s role as the strategist and initiator of the roster.

And with that we will conclude our Apex Legends Crypto guide for now – but be sure to look back for the latest tips and information on this mighty legend! In the meantime, check out our Apex Legends Character Guide for tips and details on each legend.


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