A new hybrid of passion and blockchain – gaming and crypto – is gaining momentum in traditional worlds where gamers played, bought skins, lost them to the game, and spent hours online without showing anything at the end of the day.

Development of gaming

Early blockchain adopters like the OPSkins platform recognized the need to provide real ownership of digital items that would later be incorporated into the WAX ​​platform and a comprehensive service for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in the form of collectibles, graphics, and increasingly too Items transformed can be used within games and across platforms.

Splinterlands was one of the first blockchain-based offerings to use the popular HIVE blockchain (formerly Steemit) and has since moved into digital land ownership. Upland and Uplift World have also adopted the gamification model, using NFTs to secure digital land ownership and transfer value between players, often in the form of monopoly-style rents.

Lockdown also accelerated change. The popular blockchain game Axie Infinity became known in the Philippines. In a country without the buffer of a welfare system, many citizens have been forced to lose their jobs through job cuts. This Vietnamese game based on Ethereum (ETH) allows players to breed, raise, battle and trade digital creatures called Axies.

More importantly, it enabled players to earn tokens, and while there weren’t any large sums of money, it provided much-needed income for a wide variety of players ranging from high school students to grandparents.

Indeed, the world is being turned upside down. A seasoned crypto guard and former gamer, On Yavin of Cointelligence, a data platform, says, “If my 12-year-old son doesn’t spend enough time playing, I’ll give him up.” He’s joking, of course, but being a gamer and a successful member being of society are no longer mutually exclusive.

New frontiers

In 2020, the games industry’s market value peaked at $ 159.3 billion with over 2.7 billion players around the world. This year’s numbers indicate increasing demand and spending with 2.81 billion players and a market value of 189.3 billion US dollars.

This has resulted in a re-evaluation of the gambling industry as games have been profitable for developers and publishers for years, but the public has not had access to the potential returns. If playing games can be profitable, building games can also be profitable. The new concept – Initial Game Offering (IGO) – has established itself in the industry. It’s the latest take on the Initial Coin Offering (ICO), and one of the early adopters of this concept is Seedify.

Seedify describes itself as a “blockchain gaming focused incubator and launchpad ecosystem that helps innovators and project developers drive the future of gaming and blockchain through access to funding, community and partnership building, and a full support system”.

More insights from Seedify here

The platform has absorbed the passion of gamers with blockchain technology and created a popular launchpad for games. It follows the rules with full Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance, but makes it easy for anyone interested in games to invest in new play-to-earn games.

The investor buys the native token SFUND from exchanges such as Apeswap, Bakeryswap, 1inch or Kucoin (KCS) and connects his KYC wallet with the launchpad. There are nine levels of ownership that depend on how many tokens are held by individuals. While level 1 has a lottery-based allocation, all other levels have guaranteed allocations.

The actual investment process is simple. Users select the pool they want to invest in, select the IGO project and click the Buy button and buy tokens according to their maximum allocation. That’s it. As soon as the token is listed on a decentralized exchange (DEX) and according to the vesting schedules, the tokens are automatically sent to your wallet.

Examples of projects on Seedify include Continuum World, a free, earnest game that combines MMO (massively multiplayer online) and farming.

In this game, players can own a part of this new world by buying a piece of land. To maximize their country’s earning potential, players can add buildings and resources to level up. Since energy is required for exploration, solar panels or electricity generating windmills will be available which can be added along with vegetable and fish farms to feed the Umi, the indigenous people of the continuum.

Countries are NFT tokens that use the ERC-721 standard. There will be a fixed amount of land, making this a rare advantage in the game. This game from the established game company Playchain PTE in Singapore has its IGO on October 1st.

Given the rising popularity of blockchain games, IGOs ​​are growing rapidly. Investors can expect a significant return on investment (ROI) if a gaming project is successfully launched on a crypto exchange or if it gains popularity in the gaming community.

The IGO of one of the most anticipated projects in blockchain gaming, Cryptoblades Kingdoms, will also appear on the Seedify Launchpad on September 28th. Incubated by Seedify and developed by the top-class Cryptoblades team, Cryptoblades Kingdoms (CBK) is a metamorphosis of the current Cryptoblades game into an exciting strategy-based farming MMORPG metaverse. Designed and built with AAA game features in mind, Cryptoblades Kingdoms dares to push the boundaries of what can be imagined as a blockchain game.

The Cryptoblades Kingdoms metaverse will include lands, buildings, and guilds. New game modes such as raid mechanisms, PvP, PvE and dungeons will create an exciting and immersive gaming experience that both blockchain and non-blockchain players will want to immerse themselves in.

Alien Worlds may be the biggest right now by number of users, but Axie Infinity leads the way in terms of revenue, with more than $ 1.1 billion recorded so far this year. While all investments involve due diligence and should not exceed amounts that the investor cannot afford to lose, this is hands down one of the hottest places in cryptocurrency this year.

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